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  • Street shots at LA Pride

    My tradition every Pride is to drive into West Hollywood and park on my old street in the Norma Triangle. It always takes longer than usual to get there because the main avenues in LA are blocked off for the parade. I always manage to park, walk towards Santa Monica and Robertson, and catch one or two floats going by at the end before I simply wander the crowd lingering, all the while snapping away with little Leica.

    This year was different. The organizers changed it up, putting the giant stage at the end of the parade route which not only made the crowd much more intense and congested, but it made the entire afternoon of Pride Sunday in LA feel like a big dance party.

    I'm not the only person around who has conflicting opinions about the entire affair. The adult Spring Break vibe to it all has never really appealed to me (see previous post). A few years ago I realized my place in the crowd was not as a party-goer but a documentarian. I love street photogaphy but shooting street photography is a challenge for a tall, gangle-y introvert like me. Pride is one of the few times of year I can vanish into the crowd and shoot without having to vanish into the crowd.

    It was a hot, intense Sunday afternoon. This is my way of celebrating the festivities.

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