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  • My first Vidcon

    It may be my recent birthday, or my penchant for books, or just my overall grumpiness but the world of the social media celebrity mostly baffles me. How did they get there? How do they maintain that level of fame? Why are young people so eerily obsessed with watching them? I get it if there's a YouTuber who wants to teach you a certain skill, but the ones who simply talk to the screen are a mystery to me.

    My curiosity wasn't necessarily satisfied as I worked the Fullscreen creator lounge at Vidcon this year. To be clear, the creator lounges are completely seperate from the main conference at the Anaheim Convention Center, where the main floor is. The main floor is where the hoards of fans and aspiring content creators line up to meet their favorites, attend panels, and walk around the various attractions. I left these shoot days still curious, but also impressed.

    Just about all the young content creators I met were very nice people with a very apparent sense of creativity about them. Despite what older folks see as just full-blown narcissism, most of these people were present, chatty, and interested in what was happening around them. I'm someone who knows what it's like to be around a lot of creative energy, and honestly most of these kids had it.

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