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  • Be My Friend

    I'm the only person I know who reads The Paris Review. So if you do, please be my friend.

    About a year ago, the Review announced a new editor, Emily Nemens, in the wake of a disgraced former editor's departure--and I have to say the difference is noticeable. I'm a painfully slow reader and inconsistent at it, but The Paris Review is my way of keeping somewhat current with the latest happenings in the literary world. The visual art portfolios are always a joy to dive into as well. Prior to Ms. Nemens, I had been finding myself rather frustrated with the short stories published in each issue. I'm no literary critic, but lets just say there always seemed to be some story centered around marital and/or sexual frustration.

    The last few issues (I'm always one behind) have felt fresh, exciting, and much more interesting. And it's always a challenging read, of course.

    So where do I find a friend to read with?